How To Get Your Body Back To Fat Burning, Even If Your Body Is Fat Loss Resistant

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Are you tired of hearing how others succeed at the same diets that fail you? If you have a lot of trouble losing weight, yet you eat a generally healthy diet and few calories, then your body may be fat loss resistant. To get your body back on track and burning fat efficiently again, use this 3 stage technique for the next two weeks.

3 steps to get your body back to fat burning:

1. Start with a few days of carb depletion. If your body is fat loss resistant the answer is probably found in your diet. Years of eating processed foods and being overweight turn the body into an effective “fat storer.” You want to become a “fat burner.”

To become a fat burner you need to reset your metabolism with a few days of very low carbs. This will not be easy, but it will turn off your body’s dependence on sugars and carbs, which will force it to turn to stored fat for energy. After a few days your body starts choosing fat for energy and you are done with the first phase.

2. Start adding carbs 10 grams at a time. Now that you switched your body to more of a fat burning state, you need to be careful to not overdo the low carb depletion phase. When you stick to a low carb diet for too long your body shuts down your fat burning hormone called leptin. This is a defense mechanism that your body has to keep you from starving.

To keep from triggering this drop in leptin you want to add carbs back into your diet and increase your intake by about 10 grams per day. Do this for the remainder of the week and you are ready for step 3.

3. Take a free day. This means you can enjoy your favorite carbs. There are a number of reasons you want to end your first week with a free day. This day boosts fat burning leptin levels back up to normal levels keeping your body in the fat burning zone. It also gives you a mental relief day, let’s face it, no one can eat completely “clean” right out of the gate.

After one week repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 and at the end of two weeks you will find that your body is willing to burn fat for you. Some people enjoy this pattern and choose to stick with it as a longer term weight loss plan.